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Questions and Answers

Why do I refuse to groom without first cutting the cats claws?

Safety! It's safest for both me and the cat if the claws are cut. This greatly reduces the damage that the cat can cause to me. It also prevents the cat from getting their claws stuck in something. i.e. a towel, or ledge, or a multitude of other things. If the cat pulls hard while its claws are stuck in something, it could cause damage it's paws and/or whatever its attached itself to.

Why will I only shave the legs unless there is no other option?

Fun fact! Cats actually have whiskers in their legs! They are known as the carpal vibrissae or roughly translated to wrist whiskers. These allow cats to feel prey (or toys!) that are under their paws and not visible. These whiskers are just as important as the ones on their face and as such, are only shaved as a last resort.

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