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Available Services

Unfortunately, due to rising gas prices, I need to add a call out fee to all mobile services. 

This will not apply to clients that come to me in Saanich!

$5 for appointments without the trailer

$10 for appointments with the trailer

Thank you for trusting me to take care of your cats!


Full Groom  $85

Pampurrr your PussyCat with a full spa treatment!

This includes:

  • Claw trim

  • Sanitary trim by request

  • Bath and dry 

  • Final full comb out


Comb Cut  $120

A hair cut for your cat! This service includes the full spa treatment included in the full groom plus a hair cut leaving the full mane, legs, and either a full tail or cut to a pom tail.

In the Photo, the left side is the cats natural length while the right is the medium comb cut length 

Lion Cut.jpg

Lion Cut   $130

Includes the full spa treatment, with a full shave down. Similar to the comb cut, this leaves the legs, mane, and a full or pom tail.

Hairless Groom  $45

Do you have a Sphynx or Devon Rex or similar breed? This is the groom for you! Includes a full bath and towel dry. 

Other Services

Claw Trim Only $20

Claws and Brush Out $35

Claw Trim and Claw Caps $35

Mat Removal Only $50

Please contact me to find out more about my current availability and what services work best for your cat!

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